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Entry #1

look my new flash!!!!!

2009-03-26 14:45:12 by spiderfalcox829

comming soon!!!!

by:sonicdark389,diegouh.jmendez and me!!!!.

super smash nros brawl sprite trailer!!!!

look my new flash!!!!!


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2009-03-26 15:02:38



2009-04-02 11:11:13

vaya vaya bien eso espero pero no te combiene mucho ...

spiderfalcox829 responds:

oye...se que lo subi en youtube pero es que nunca habia sabido de newgrounds.


2009-04-15 19:46:22

I saw your profile on the youtube,you´re the right owner of the video, no doubt about it.

people think your video is stolen,because you took too long to upload here on newgrounds...but don´t worry!I believe in you! XD

spiderfalcox829 responds:

oye se que subi ese video en youtube pero lo subi qui ya que no c que existia newgrounds-.


2009-05-04 21:11:24

ese video esta muy la raja amigo saludos de chile aunke creo k somos del mismo lado ajaja